Virtual movie nights
made easy

Now you and your friends can watch movies together,
in sync, with full video chat right on your favourite sites. For free.

Start watching with your friends in a flash.

Vemos works with Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and more!

Full video chat built in.

Feel like you're watching together in the same room.

Vemos uses peer-to-peer technology for its video calls; that means the limit for how big your group can be is based on how good your internet connections are.

Stay in sync.

Never count down to pressing the play button again.

Vemos keeps the video synchronised between everyone in the group. If one person pauses, it pauses for everyone; if one person changes time, it synchronises for everyone.

Open source.

Help out if you can!

Vemos is written in Javascript using Peer.js to handle the video calls and schronisation, and Ember.js for the UI. If you'd like to help out, or if you've found any bugs, please check out the project on Github..

Completely free.

No accounts, no signup, no bullshit. Get the extension and grab the popcorn!

I built Vemos back in 2018 when my girlfriend went travelling so that we could feel together despite being apart.

Since then, with Coronavirus causing people to be away from their friends and loved ones the world over, it seemed like a good time to reboot Vemos and make it useful for everyone stuck inside.

I want people to enjoy it for free: we've enough going on right now!

Get it free on the Chrome store


"Do all my friends need subscriptions too?"

Yes. Vemos doesn't stream the movie itself from one person to another. It just handles video calls and synchronisation. Everyone will need a relevant subscription to access the content.

"I can't see my friends, what's happening?"

Sometimes if your friends are using a VPN, or you're behind a firewall the connection might fail. You can try the "Manually connect to a friend" button at the bottom of Vemos sidebar.

"Can I use this on a different site?"

You can run Vemos on whatever site you like. Vemos will try find the largest video on the page and that's what it'll synchronise with anyone else who joins. I can't guarantee it'll work, but you should give it a shot!

How to get started

1: Install the extension from the Chrome store

Your friends will need to install it too

2: Open up your favourite streaming site

Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube etc.

3: Pick a video you want to watch.

Make it something good! 😁

4: Start the Vemos extension

It'll ask you for permission to run first.

5: Copy your invite link

6: Send this link to your friends

7: Wait for your friends to connect and that's it!